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What are we about? Well, we’re mostly about cycling, loosing weight and enjoying a pedal-powered life. We’re here to encourage people to do just that.

Why Cycling? Well, it is a great sport that includes fresh air, a fast breeze and loosing weight all at the same time!

Why Dieting Usually Doesn’t Work…

We ran across this video from TED Talks the other day, some interesting info. It seems if you’re overweight but stop smoking, eat lots of fruit&veg, get exercise and drink a moderate amount of alcohol, you’ll live just as long as someone who is skinny… There’s a trick though (no, nothing bad), but you’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Here’s the video: http://www.ted.com/talks/sandra_aamodt_why_dieting_doesn_t_usually_work.html

Thinking of riding in the cold?

If you’re like us, gazing out the window at the grey of winter that has come seemingly too early, take heart! You can still ride in the cold. Yes it’s possible. Like the old adage “There’s no bad weather, just bad equipment” says, here’s a list of things you can do to keep cycling in autumn and winter:

Tyres – make sure you get some tyres that will remain grippy in cold, wet weather. Here’s an interesting (albeit limited) article from BikeRadar. You can also ask your LBS (local bike shop) or do a Google search. It might be wise to avoid riding when it’s icy, this is a recipe for disaster, unless you have spiked tyres.

Clothing – it’s important to stay warm when cycling in cold weather. It’s possible to ride down into the single digits with the right equipment. Look for long sleeved thermal tights and jerseys/jackets from producers such as Rose (up to 4xl), Prendas (up to 6xl) and Fat Lad At The Back (up to 7xl). Note: these are Italian sizes. Thermal / WindBlocker over shoes, winter riding gloves and a thermal skull cap are also recommended.

The Winter Bike – Some cyclists even go so far as to purchase a cheaper alu bicycle for winter service. After all, who wants salt and grit on their nice matt titanium or shiny carbon bicycle? It can play havoc with certain bits on your bike too. New or used, it’s up to you if you want to invest.

That’s all for now.. Happy winter riding!

An incredible ride : The Tor Tour

We stumbled across this event while camping this weekend: Tor Tour

What an incredible effort by these cyclists! 1000km of riding, with 13’000 of elevation change!

Not something us FBs are going to attempt anytime soon, but it does give inspiration… Bravo the the men and women who took part!

New Ride – August 18th @ 11am

Why not join us for our next ride this Sunday? It’s supposed to be sunny and not too hot, so we’ll be starting at 11:00

If you want to join, make sure you send us an email on ride(at)fbpb.ch

WHEN: 18.08.2013 @ 11:00
WHERE: In Nyon, in front of Parking de la Duche, near the Hotel Real:

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New Ride – August 4th @ 9am !

Why not join us for our next ride this Sunday? It’s supposed to be hot and sunny, so we’ll be starting out extra early! (ok, not THAT early, but at 9am)

If you want to join, make sure you send us an email on ride(at)fbpb.ch

WHEN: 04.08.2013 @ 09:00
WHERE: In Nyon, in front of Parking de la Duche, near the Hotel Real:

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Suffering from TdF withdrawal ?

With the Tour de France over, it seems like hard times for those who love watching cycling….

Cheer up! The season is not over yet! Here are a few of the upcoming cycling tours:

The Tour de Wallonie is showing the next few days on EuroSport.

The Tour of Poland starts on July 27th!

The Vuelta de España starts on August 23rd (here’s the route map)

And the Tour of Britain starts September 15th !

Bike Fitting – A great resource website

If you’re looking to learn more about setting up your bicycle for the best position, avoid need, back and neck pain – and a whole lot more – then we recommend you visit Steve Hogg’s website. An Aussie bike fitter with an impressive online resource, some free, some paid for, always good ! Poke around the site, there’s tons of info.

Some interesting bike fitting articles :

Bike Position – A good explanation of cycling position

Knee Pain – A thorough rundown on knee pain when cycling

Seat Set Back – For road bicycles – a simple question with some complicated answers!

Great Cycling Kit for Larger Riders!

Just wanted to share a great source of normal cycling kit for riders who aren’t stick-thin! Prendas.co.uk offers SMS Santini cycling jerseys and bib shorts in up to 6XL (Italian sizes, order page shows measurements so you can accurately choose your size).

Their products are fantastic quality, the delivery is extremely fast and their customer service is the best we’ve ever seen! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Bike Fitting Guide

Here’s a great guide to fitting your bicycle to your body, a great read! Warning: you’re liable to start fettling when you read it!